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Refund and return policy

Due to our product is fresh food, we guarantee the product within 1 day after the customer receives the product.

The customer can report the problems within 1 day after received product.

*Please kindly check  the product immediately after receiving the product.

The method of Refund and return policy

1.  After the customer has received the product, please check the product immediately.

Reporting of product problems can notify the warranty of no more than 1 day after the customer has received the product.

2. After receiving the goods let customers take pictures and a video of the product unpacking or store damaged goods for return for the shop to check

3. Contact the shop via various channels of the shop. Ready to send proof of purchase and video, photos when unpacking the product.

ready to wait for a call back from the shop staff

4. The shop will consider and contact to notify the result within 30 days after receiving the matter successfully